The Full Story

We have over thirty years industry experience. We can provide stress free catering with above and beyond service! Whether it’s a small event in your home or garden, to a larger event at a venue, HC Catering can do it. We also host regular events at our boutique venue, Hurstbridge Haven.

  • Exceptional customer service.

  • Over 30 years professional industry knowledge and experience.

  • Above & beyond service for you and your guests.

  • Experience HC Catering at a Flavour Journey Evening.

  • Customised quotes to suit your needs.

Meet The Team

Tania Dovile

Richard Dovile
Relationships Manager

Tamara Slabon

Chris Howard

Martin Graham
Never Forgotten
16.1.64 – 22.7.22

Diane McKenzie
Executive Assistant

Carol Fitzgerald
Human Resources

Dandy Alfuerte

Rebecca Merrick
Production & Logistics

Lachlan Whalley
IT & Sales