Have you ever attended an event and seen the caterers wheeling in those large heating units filled with trays of food? Where a staff member stands, pulling out the trays and handing them to other staff members who then circulate through the crowd serving.

Well, this is the mark of a pre-prepared and cooked event meal.

This is not what HC do.

Unlike a lot of mobile caterers, we bring our travelling kitchen with us when we attend your event. Whether it is in a beautiful old country cottage or barn, or in the middle of your family farm, our dishes are often cooked and prepared on site. 

Of course, we do pre-prepare the ingredients and get dishes ready to be cooked. 

However, with a full wood-fired oven and commercial mobile ovens. You will see us preparing fresh ingredients, cooking it, plattering it up and serving it all as fresh as can be.

 We can be fully self contained including generators for electricity, and water and anything else we need, because we know what it take to prepare food in the middle of nowhere. 

In fact, our team of road-tripping chefs and staff have travelled as much as several hundred kilometres to cater an event. We’ve been all over Victoria. 

We bring everything including the kitchen sink to prepare and serve fresh 5-star food to your guests. And trust us, we know that food is the way to your guests hearts. 

If you want a caterer who will go to the ends of the earth and still prepare and cook fresh food onsite, then trust HC for your next event.