The HC Catering team have fed tens of thousands of people at a wide variety of events for years. In fact, our team has decades of experience in making sure guests leave with a full stomach and a big grin at the end of your event.

We encourage couples who are planning their wedding to consider the following tips:

  1. Food is the way to your guest’s heart – it is interesting that when we survey function guests the most common thing they talk about is food. Whether positive or negative, food gets top billing in the minds of the guest. The biggest issues mentioned are food being late, or there not being enough, or the food is not at the right temperature, or that it tasted pre-made. HC Catering are one of the few wedding caterers that travel with a full travelling kitchen – we are completely self-sufficient with our wood-fired and commercial mobile ovens and can bring our own power and water and well pretty much everything to be able to deliver beautiful food experience – even in the middle of nowhere!
  2. Don’t try this at home – some couples decide to try and do their own beverages in the belief that they will save some money per head. In reality, this is a false economy for a number of reasons – first of all it takes experience to know how much on average people drink, and even the experts get it wrong some times. This can mean a panicked bride or groom realising half way through a function that they’ve run out, or indeed having to dispose of additional drink that you don’t need just when you are heading off for your honeymoon. Not to mention having to buy ice, or organise some sort of storage and serving supplies as well. At HC Catering, we can handle all your needs, and if there is any alcohol or drink left, we take it back and you don’t get charged. Plus we bring all our own storage and serving equipment and you don’t have to worry about broken glasses.
  3. Food, Beverage and Venue – a wedding is absolutely your special day, and you want to remember it forever. There is so much to consider including a celebrant, flowers, photos and much much more. However to ensure a successful function, we recommend you lock in the venue, followed by food and beverage and only then start working on the ancillary services and items. From our experience, the couples that do this ensure they get the important stuff right and understand budgets before they organise the other things. As we mentioned earlier, guests rarely comment on anything other than food and drink, so make sure everyone has an enjoyable time by sorting out the big three first. 

The HC Catering team love functions and weddings, and our team often end up feeling like guests at the event, even though we have a job to do. We’re circulating through the guests from the start to the completion of your event, and this gives us a unique perspective on what works. We hope you have an awesome and memorable day and look forward to feeding you and your guests on this most special of occasions.